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With Delicious Seeds No THC Strains you can forget about legal problems. Are you looking for non-psychoactive cannabis strains? Get free marijuana seeds by doing these simple actions for FREE! Comments, raffles, promotions, reviews ALL HERE Thailand's health minister touted growing marijuana as a way to increase the income of thousands of rural farmers.

No thc strains

The two genetics of the No THC strains of Delicious Seeds line allow you growing without worries about the legal aspect in any part of the world, due to its practically null percentage of THC. If you are looking for THC free weed. Take a look at what comes next.

Starting at: €8.00

Earn from 4 to 33 delicious coins.
4 coins = €0.40 and 33 coins = €3.30.

Starting at: €10.00

Earn from 5 to 36 delicious coins.
5 coins = €0.50 and 36 coins = €3.60.

We can also define it as CBD without THC. This means that these seeds are the ones that include a higher percentage of this medicinal cannabidiol.

Weed strains without THC

The Weed strains without THC of Delicious Seeds are aimed at anyone who is looking for strains that do not cause any kind of psychoactive effect. Yes, these strains are purely medicinal, but they are also ideal if you want to combine them with any activity, either physical or more introspective.

If you look at the descriptions of these hemp seeds for planting, you will see that the Northern Light Blue THC Free allows you to meet the requirement currently in force in many countries of having to grow seeds not exceeding a THC percentage of 0,2%. And we are really talking about hemp seeds for planting.

On the other hand, if this is not a problem for you and you are more interested in the sweet-citrus combination of the Delimed CBD plus, you know. The THC percentage of this strain will not reach 1%. Which means that, beyond the legal terms, the psychoactivity remains null.

Order thc free weed

It is a recurring question. If you have ever wondered where to buy thc free weed, here you will find a team of experts who will advise you and accompany you throughout the process. From the moment you have any doubt before buying your high CBD hemp seeds, until you get them at home. Wherever you live and wherever you want to send them. At Delicious Seeds we reach everywhere.

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And once again, our goal is not to have an infinite number of hemp seeds for sale. Our purpose is getting differential genetics that are worthwhile, and we have come up with these two. Shall we give them a try?

Free marijuana seeds

Would you like to get FREE seeds because of your pretty face?

1. Get free feminized or autoflowering seeds when you place an order.

All our orders include gifts, when you have selected the products you want to buy and go to the cart in your order you will see the gifts you can choose depending on the amount of your purchase. What do you think about it?Receive free seeds at home comfortably, from 50 € in products with your order.

Not only you can get free seeds, we also have all these gifts for you:

Purchases from 0$
to 29$
Purchases from 29$
to 57$
Purchases from 57$
to 92$
Purchases from 92$
to 172$
Purchases from 172$
to 229$
Purchases from 229$
to 287$
Purchases from 287$
to 401$
Purchases from 401$
to 688$
Purchases from 688$
to 344045$

2. Get free seeds by adding a comment in our grow shop

Every month we hold a draw among all the people who have left a comment on the product sheets of our grow shop, either by asking a question or contributing with their experience with their purchased product.

In every product sheet you will find the following information:

For each product you buy in our online store you will receive an SMS or email from ekomi, our platform for customer satisfaction, where you can leave your personal experience with the products purchased.

For each product valuation you send us, you will be included in a draw for 10 feminized seeds and 10 autoflowering seeds or a cheque for 50€ in our online shop.

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So now you know, the more comments you send, the better the chances of winning.

3. Free seed special offers in 2022 from the best banks

Discounts of up to -30% on seeds and fertilizers

*Promotion valid from 11/07 until 15/07

For each pack of 5 seeds, you will receive another 2 seed for free.
For each pack of 10 seeds, you will receive another 3 seeds for free.

* The promo is only until 30/06/2022

4. PevGrow Drawings

From time to time we usually do drawings of free marijuana seeds, vaporizers, e liquids. and many more products.

When do we have the next one?

The best option is to subscribe to our mailing list to be updated on our email communications so you won’t miss out any of our draws.

Ah! and you also get our FREE marijuana dictionary.

5. Leave us a positive review on Google

Did you have a positive experience in our growshop? Sure you did.

Leave us a review sharing your experience with us on Google

Once you have done it, let us know through our Contact Form and we will contact you as soon as possible to ask for your address and send you some free marijuana seed samples from our PEV Seeds bank

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‘Free weed’: Thailand gives away marijuana seeds to low-income farmers

Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, center, takes selfies with people holding their marijuana plants during the distribution of 1 million free marijuana seedlings in the northeastern province of Buriram, Thailand, Friday, June 10, 2022. The government distribution plan of the recently legalized crop is an efforts to jumpstart the country’s medical marijuana industry, expected to create an economic windfall.

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BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s health minister kicked off a marijuana giveaway Friday, handing out the first 100 seedlings of a planned distribution of 1 million plants a day after the country legalized cultivation and possession of the drug.

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, who has been the driving force behind legalization, presided over the giveaway at a fair and exhibition held in the northeastern province of Buriram, a stronghold of his Bhumjai Thai party.

Anutin has touted growing marijuana, also called cannabis, as a way to increase farmers’ incomes.

His party draws heavily on the support of low-income farmers in the largely agricultural northeast. He was cheered by a crowd of thousands as he gave a speech taking credit for legalizing marijuana, which he said would bring financial benefits to “individual growers, community farmers (and) entrepreneurs.”

His party said more than 350,000 households have already registered as cannabis growers.

Officials said the 1 million plants will be distributed nationwide through the Agriculture Department’s regional offices over the next six months to promote marijuana cultivation.

The government insists that officially, only medical marijuana has been legalized. Despite that, there are no plans for serious monitoring of small-scale cultivation and sales, so at least in the privacy of one’s home, there appears to be no reason to believe a person can get into trouble for recreational smoking.

Officials have warned, however, that smoking in public will be frowned upon and subject to possible fines. Regulations are expected to be issued for marijuana similar to those for cigarettes and alcohol, such as minimum age requirements for purchasing and restricting driving under the influence.

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