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Learn about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds including who they are, their products, and where you can find them. Amsterdam Seed Supply – Buy Marijuana Seeds Online – ✓ Buy Cannabis Seeds Online ✓ Great Customer Service ✓ Cannabis Cup Winners ✓ Worldwide Discreet Shipping Amsterdam Seed Center is the best source to order cannabis seeds online. The most popular seed banks in one webshop and physical store. 1500+ cannabis strains. Fast and discreet worldwide shipping, secure payments.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Welcome to the official Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Leafly Page! It’s a pleasure to be here with so many cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world! At AMS we specialize in bringing you the best of Dutch cannabis. With over 25 years in the business, you can trust us to bring you quality, resilient strains with maximum yield and potency.

With more than 180 strains and combo packs to choose from, we’ve got quality seeds for growers of all levels. Check out our classic Amsterdam strains like White Widow and Northern Lights or try some of our exclusive XTRM strains.

Come in, kick back, and make yourself at home. We’ll help you throughout the entire growing process. You don’t want your mailman to know you’re getting marihuana seeds? No problem, we use the stealthiest shipping in the industry. Some of our clients don’t even know they got our seeds until they find them hidden inside our stealthy packages. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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Amsterdam Seed Supply has experience with the best marijuana seeds available. Below is a selection of some of our favourite cannabis seeds and books.

Before choosing your type, take a look at this information about Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds. Amsterdam Seed Supply has the best Feminized, Autoflowering and Medical Marijuana seeds available in Amsterdam. Each marijuana seed has their own specifications and are grown for different purposes. Please read the specifications of each seed before placing your order at Amsterdam Seed Supply and start growing.

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We sell different seeds for medical purposes. Click to see our selection of Medical Seeds

We sell different Autoflowering seeds for Outdoor growing. Click to see our Autoflowering Seeds

We sell different Feminized seeds for Indoors and Outdoors. Click to see our Feminized Seeds

We sell different Outdoors seeds for all kinds of climate. Click to see our Outdoor Seeds

We sell different Cannabis Cup Winner seeds. Click to see our Cannabis Cup Winner seeds

Everyone loves Free Cannabis Seeds, find out more about our Free Cannabis seeds

Different climates are suitable for different seeds, pick your region from the Amsterdam Seed Supply Region Selector and find out more about our best strains for your region.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Starting at A$ 372.32 £ 219.07 CA$ 332.06 CZK 6139.18 DKK 1861.76 € 249.99 PLN 1181.88 RUB 15171.22 CHF 241.74 $ 250.75

Starting at A$ 297.85 £ 175.25 CA$ 265.65 CZK 4911.30 DKK 1489.39 € 199.99 PLN 945.49 RUB 12136.86 CHF 193.39 $ 200.60

A$ 445.31 £ 262.02 CA$ 397.16 CZK 7342.76 DKK 2226.75 € 299.00 PLN 1413.58 RUB 18145.51 CHF 289.13 $ 299.91

A$ 890.62 £ 524.04 CA$ 794.33 CZK 14685.51 DKK 4453.51 € 598.00 PLN 2827.16 RUB 36291.02 CHF 578.26 $ 599.81

Special Price A$ 415.52 £ 244.49 CA$ 370.60 CZK 6851.60 DKK 2077.81 € 279.00 PLN 1319.03 RUB 16931.76 CHF 269.79 $ 279.85 Regular Price A$ 443.82 £ 261.14 CA$ 395.83 CZK 7318.20 DKK 2219.31 € 298.00 PLN 1408.85 RUB 18084.82 CHF 288.16 $ 298.90

A$ 519.78 £ 305.83 CA$ 463.58 CZK 8570.64 DKK 2599.12 € 349.00 PLN 1649.97 RUB 21179.87 CHF 337.48 $ 350.06

Visit our store in Amsterdam

And get informed, choose between thousands of cannabis strains, CBD-products, vaporizers, clothing and more.

Now on Sale

We have some great deals on cannabis seeds, CBD products and vaporizers. Check out our sales corner.

Special Price A$ 39.09 £ 23.00 CA$ 34.87 CZK 644.64 DKK 195.49 € 26.25 PLN 124.10 RUB 1593.04 CHF 25.38 $ 26.33 Regular Price A$ 52.13 £ 30.67 CA$ 46.49 CZK 859.52 DKK 260.66 € 35.00 PLN 165.47 RUB 2124.06 CHF 33.84 $ 35.11

Special Price A$ 415.52 £ 244.49 CA$ 370.60 CZK 6851.60 DKK 2077.81 € 279.00 PLN 1319.03 RUB 16931.76 CHF 269.79 $ 279.85 Regular Price A$ 443.82 £ 261.14 CA$ 395.83 CZK 7318.20 DKK 2219.31 € 298.00 PLN 1408.85 RUB 18084.82 CHF 288.16 $ 298.90

A$ 297.87 £ 175.26 CA$ 265.66 CZK 4911.54 DKK 1489.47 € 200.00 PLN 945.54 RUB 12137.46 CHF 193.40 $ 200.61

Special Price A$ 47.66 £ 28.04 CA$ 42.51 CZK 785.85 DKK 238.31 € 32.00 PLN 151.29 RUB 1941.99 CHF 30.94 $ 32.10 Regular Price A$ 68.51 £ 40.31 CA$ 61.10 CZK 1129.65 DKK 342.58 € 46.00 PLN 217.47 RUB 2791.62 CHF 44.48 $ 46.14

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Buy Cannabis Seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

Order high quality cannabis seeds online. Over 1500 cannabis strains available from more than 50 seedbanks. Fast and discreet worldwide shipping, secure payments.

High Quality Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds or Marijuana seeds are a wonderful phenomena of nature, and the fact that a whole plant can grow out of something so seemingly insignificant is a wonder to behold. Under the right circumstances (conditions), cannabis seeds can be kept for up to a year before being used (planted). To harvest cannabis from a plant, you actually do not need much. But to grow greater yields and increase the quality of your cannabis you need to grow with good cannabis genetics. This combined with knowledge of how to correctly grow a good crop and the experience to cultivate it effectively will give you great results!

Feminised Cannabis Seeds

When growing weed, it all starts with buying the right feminised seeds. Amsterdam Seed Center only offers you the best quality cannabis seeds from different brands. We do not only sell the most famous brands, but also smaller high-quality brands. We offer a variety of feminised seeds for home and professional cultivation. Feminised seeds are one of the most common seeds on the cannabis market, nowadays. In general, growers like feminised seeds because they are quite easy to grow, and they produce buds that will give a great smoke.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds seeds are Indica and Sativa strains that are crossed with Ruderalis. Ruderalis originally grows in areas with extreme weather conditions, such as Russia and Siberia. This makes the strain resistant to pests, cold weather and fungi. Unlike regular and feminised cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow independently of the amount of light (hours per day). This means that the cannabis plant will start to flower automatically after a few weeks. The flowering process will start automatically based on a time cycle, instead of a light cycle.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds is the term applied to non-feminised plants, this means the seeds could be either male or female. When these seeds are grown they produce both male and female cannabis plants. Regular seeds can also be ‘crossed’ with other strains to create new strains. Combining two strong strains produced from regular seeds can lead to stronger yields whilst maintaining the potency from the original strains, making this a popular choice for ‘experienced growers’.

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CBD Shop

At Amsterdam Seed Center we sell a wide range of CBD-products to fulfil all of your necessary needs and requirements. All of our Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich products are made from organic grown plants in Europe. CBD oils can be taken for personal use as well as dietary and medicinal purposes.

Vaporizer Shop

Do you like weed, but you are unsure of how this will be accepted in public? For all the benefits of a good hit, without the supposed negatives that follow, you should consider trying out a vaporizer. It gives you the ability to subtly toke in public without the scent giving you away. All the pro’s of smoking without the drawbacks of unwanted attention. In our Vaporizer shop, we have a wide range of products to help you in your quest for personal imbibing of cannabis.

Why order seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center?

Amsterdam Seed Center was founded in 2011 and is the best source to order cannabis seeds online. We supply you with the most popular seed banks in one webshop and physical store. With over years of experience and more than 50 seed banks, offering over 1500 cannabis strains under that same roof, you’ll be sure to buy the right seed for your needs. Fast and discreet worldwide shipping, secure payments.

You can order directly at our user friendly webshop. Amsterdam Seed Center has selected only the very best in cannabis genetics. Our competent staff researches the global market to find the latest, best, and most wanted cannabis strains. We support you with quick and reliable customer service and we handle your order with care. We ship all orders as soon as possible after we received your payment.

Free Cannabis Seed Promos

We always have great free cannabis seed promos for you from several different seedbanks. This means when you order cannabis seeds, you can always get an extra free seed. Check out our Cannabis Seed Promo page for all our current promos. We regularly offer new cannabis seed deals, seed discounts, free promo cannabis seeds, rolling papers+filters, grinders, goodiebags, t-shirts and more free merchandise. Order your cannabis seeds today at Amsterdam Seed Center!

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